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Steven Smith
Mixed Media Artist
     After accumulating nearly five decades of observations, the one thing I can say with certainty is that we are more a product of our environment than ever! It just so happens that over the same timeframe, our environmental reach has gone global. I cannot deny that I am both observer and participant in this golden age of self-promotion and digital bonding. Like it or not this is what we have become, and my mixed media creations are influenced by our heightened state of social and political contradiction, generational naivety, demand for immediacy, cultural and sexual homogenization, and the seemingly limitless distractions at arm’s length. Within this context, I approach the creative process with the goal of making art that is as fulfilling as listening to the Talking Heads: 77 for the first time, as spontaneous as a Kerouac novel, and as thought provoking as Monty Python’s Flying Circus!
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